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Hello, we are looking for qualified people to strengthen our team.

Hello, we are looking for qualified people to strengthen our team.

Hello, we are looking for qualified people to strengthen our team.

We combine the strengths of "seniors" and "young guns".

We combine the strengths of "seniors" and "young guns".

We combine the strengths of "seniors" and "young guns".

Our HR strategy is x + y

Our HR strategy is x + y

Our HR strategy is x + y.

If our customer projects permit, we work in the home office.

If our customer projects permit, we work in the home office.

If our customer projects permit, we work in the home office.

We offer a home office option.

We offer a home office option.

We offer a home office option.

We win as a team. And we lose as a team.

We win as a team. And we lose as a team.

We win as a team. And we lose as a team.

We stand together as a team.


We are looking for colleagues


We are recruiting for our consulting projects and further expansion of the consulting team. We are looking for first-class talent and creative doers who want to improve the existing and think anew.

We are neither looking for streamlined careerists nor for narcissistic egotists but for


lateral thinkers who are team players


creative designers


empathic characters

Our human resource strategy is X+Y


We have a human resource strategy that combines the strengths of generations X +Y. Therefore, we are looking for both experienced consultants and young persons who have just completed their studies or already have 1-3 years of professional and consulting experience. We know from our own positive experience that “experienced seniors” and “young guns” complement each other beautifully, inspire each other, bring forth new ideas and always provide better consulting services for our clients.

Hello, generation X

We are looking for experienced consultants from Generation X for further expansion of our company who would take us forward with their experience.

Dear future colleagues,

You are looking for a team that values female intuition combined with analytical precision.

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Along with ordinary “women power“, you bring to the table distinctive professional and social competencies and extensive consulting experience in IT management in our Ardour team. Ideally, you have advised the C-level and provide support in operational changes. Now you want to re-orient yourself, leave the hierarchical structures behind and move to a smaller and a more flexible team. You may be considering moving to a 3-day job to have more time for your children while maintaining your professional mainstay. You can combine both with us.


Dear future colleagues,

You are looking for a new challenge to contribute your skills and experience in an innovative team.

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You provide enough “elbow room” to your colleagues and possess distinctive professional and social competencies. You “rocked” at many IT management projects and have acquired extensive consulting experience. Now you want to consciously shift to a smaller team in order to once again regain your work life balance. It gives you immense pleasure to share yours knowledge with colleagues of Generation Y and at the same time you are ready and open to learn from others and younger people. You are creative and show an entrepreneurial spirit but do not want to spend your existence as a freelancer and prefer to work in an innovative team.


Hello, Generation Y

We are looking for highly skilled and highly motivated young consultants of generation Y.


You belong to Generation Y and are studying information management, business, economics, computer science, mathematics or similar. You are interested in consulting and have entrepreneurial spirit. You do not want to go to the “biggies” as you tick differently and need a creative environment with responsibility. You bloom fully when you get enough “legroom” and also experience true team spirit. Correct? Then start with us with a paid internship and apply! You must also not make coffee here, except of course your own.


You belong to Generation Y and have successfully completed your studies as a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate. You are now at the threshold of your work life. You are interested in IT management issues and consulting. Maybe you are contemplating between going to a “large” consulting firm or a smaller one. If key aspects for you are – working in flat hierarchies, learning from experienced colleagues or shaping the destiny of your organization right from the outset. Then what are you waiting for – apply to us and we will discover together whether we fit as a team!

Young Professional

You belong to Generation Y and have gained 2-3 years of consulting or professional experience after your successful completion of studies as a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate already.  Perhaps you’re already working in another management consultancy, but cannot really bloom and develop there. Perhaps you find that your personal contributions are not valued by your superiors as much as you wished. Then simply get to know our team and get your own conviction of our team-culture that consciously pays attention to the mutual appreciation in spite of natural and necessary frictions!

Our recruiting video

In the following video we will introduce ourselves and show you what makes us tick and what we value. Learn a little about how it is to be an Ardourian and what types of people you’ll meet with us.

What will you encounter with us

We have fun with what we do. That’s right, fun! We offer enough “leg room”, flat hierarchies and the ability to take responsibility.


Elbow room

  • We win as a team and loose as a team
  • We are not looking for scapegoats but for constant improvements
  • We support each other and exchange information amongst each other
  • We appreciate each other to the extent that it get emotional

Home Office

  • Home Office Option
  • Trust based working hours
  • Autonomous working
  • Absorption of Internet costs
  • Provision of fax/printer/scanner
  • Digital communication platform such as Skype for Business, SharePoint


  • Assuming quick responsibility of the subject
  • Assuming project responsibility (according to personal level of experience)
  • Active participation in company’s development
  • Steep learning curve and continuous learning


  • Certifications
  • Moderation
  • Presentation
  • Communication
  • Appearance and conversation

Business model

  • Salary model (fixed, delivery and sales bonus, etc.)
  • Comparable with other consulting firms
  • Regular benchmark

Company car

  • Company option (career level Manager)
  • Car policy (Audi, BMW, Mercedes)

How are we rated a employers has reviewed us as a top company.

Ardour by

What should you possess

In order to be a good consultant and advisor who is appreciated by our clients you need to possess following qualities and capabilities.


solves problems in a structured and analytical way


are mobile and have a willingness to travel

work independently


are self-reflective and -critical


are creative and interested in new things


are curious and enthusiastic

are helpful, brave and have team spirit


speak fluent English and have a degree

We live and breathe consulting

Why our employees love working with us.

 Dirk Schreier

I like working at Ardour because giving a long leash and responsibility are very important to us and I know how to appreciate and honor it. Likewise, despite different areas of activity and locations, we maintain a team spirit and actively support each other. And, because it really is fun and we have a clear future story.

Dirk Schreier

Senior Manager

Dr. Andreas Selchow

I like working for Ardour because as an individual employee I’m perceived much more consciously than in a large consultancy. My personal contribution to the company success is always clearly recognizable. Not just my pure “functioning”, but just my individual characteristics are valued.

Dr. Andreas Selchow


I like working at Ardour because we thrive on teamwork and every individual is respected with all his/her strengths and weaknesses.

Beatrix Schmidt

Assistant to the management