Hello we are Ardour Consulting.

Hello we are Ardour Consulting.

Hello we are Ardour Consulting.

We do IT management.

We do IT management.

We do IT management.

To position your IT with a business-oriented IT-strategy and to promote your business

To position your IT with a business-oriented IT-strategy and to promote your business

To position your IT with a business-oriented IT-strategy and to promote your business

We do IT strategies.

We do IT strategies.

We do IT strategies.

Sustainable sourcing strategies based on clear core competencies of IT.

Sustainable sourcing strategies based on clear core competencies of IT.

Sustainable sourcing strategies based on clear core competencies of IT.

We do IT Sourcing Advisory.

We do IT Sourcing Advisory.

We do IT Sourcing Advisory.

Flexible decision-making structures for effective IT management.

Flexible decision-making structures for effective IT management.

Flexible decision-making structures for effective IT management.

We do IT governance.

We do IT governance.

We do IT governance.


We position ourselves as an independent IT management consultancy with core competency in IT sourcing advisory


We advise IT and business managers on current issues of IT management


Role of IT

What role should the IT have? How should it position itself?


Value contribution of IT

What benefits does the IT have? How economical is IT?


Control of IT

How is IT organized? How are IT decisions made?


Added value of IT

What are the core competencies of IT? Who provided the IT services and where?

Our clients are large international corporations and mid-sized companies


Groups and stock corporations


Large international SMEs

We operate in German-speaking countries







Overview of our consultancy services

IT Strategy

Better alignment between business and IT with a business-oriented IT strategy that provides orientation, defines the role of IT and sets clear priorities.

IT Sourcing

Breathable IT resources with an IT sourcing strategy that is based on clear core competencies and that optimizes own value of IT.

IT Governance

Effective IT decisions with transparent IT governance that builds the foundation for an efficient IT organization.

Pathbreaking digitization strategy

With progressive management consulting moving successfully into the future:
Within the scope of our projects, we advise and support our customers with the aim of improving the performance and adaptability of IT sustainably. The focus of our IT management consultancy sind IT Sourcing, IT Governance und IT Strategy in disruptive times.

The focus of our IT management consulting is to design concepts and find solutions to the following and similar questions:

  • How can digital transformation be successfully designed?
  • How can you still ensure a competitive edge in the future with optimal use of IT?
  • How can an IT organization gain clout while working together with the business?
  • How can smart IT management be fruitful for the entire organizational strategy?
  • Which tried and tested methods will help you in developing sourcing strategies, tender management carry out tenders quickly and in alignment with the goals, and build an IT organization that can meet the challenges?
  • How should the role of IT change in the context of digitization and which steps for change must be taken first?

As a competent ideas generator and implementation support, sometimes also as a tireless booster with vigor, we work collaboratively with our customers to find the most suitable solution. Our IT management consultancy aims to provide orientation, optimize value creation in IT, create clear decision-making structures and streamline IT processes.

Shaping Digital Transformation together

Nobody can escape things like the Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Cybersecurity, agile IT architecture, Cloud Computing, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT). In the same breath as these buzzwords are spoken, one hears managers and economists talking about digital disruption. One of the best-known disruptive innovations – revolutionary technologies that break through traditional business models or an entire market as well as displace current products or structures – include WhatsApp, Spotify, Uber and Airbnb.

Organizational and IT Strategy hand in hand

As a result, newly created rules of the game require modern organizations, no matter what size, to take a new direction in order to remain action-oriented and competitive. One thing is particularly clear: digital change must be considered throughout the company strategy. Whoever wants a share of global market place must have an intelligent and flexible digitization strategy up their sleeve.

Keeping the vision and perspective on the ball

One cannot keep pace with the rapidly changing market just by finding technological solutions. For the new generation of CIOs, it rather means that they design company’s IT that is adaptable and thus use technology as the driving force in the transformation of the business. That is why experts with experience and industry competence are needed. For the simple reason that there seem to be limitless opportunities and are often not tangible and require a perspective from the outside. As a business-oriented IT consultant, we provide our customers with a vision and perspective on the road to success.

Adaptive IT

The increasing digitalization of society and the economy is changing the role of IT. At the core of classical and traditional business models were stability, processor orientation and cost management. Of course, these factors still contribute significantly to the company’s success. However, the company’s requirements are currently shifting towards higher adaptability and speed. Success in modern times largely depends on the fact how agile are the leaders and employees and ultimately the organization in their willingness and capability to react to the market. Keeping the increasing significance of the fusion between business & IT, the adaptability of IT becomes a key function. Together with our customers, we develop IT strategies that serve as a foundation for your responsive, stable and successful business.


Digitalized business models inevitably result in many functional, technical, organizational and economic challenges resulting in an increased complexity and heterogeneity for the entire IT architecture. Especially, if the development continues at a rapid pace, the demand for a flexible and equally stable IT infrastructure is a massive contradiction to the complexity of this task.
With our change management consulting, we defuse this conflict. We understand adaptive IT management as the creation of an information technology that is aimed at immediate value add for the organization. It should be designed as lightweight and pragmatic – small, specific knowledge as well as adaptable to the needs and cost-effective implementation should be its premise.

Digitization as a lever

The change is first and foremost exposing all industries to major challenges. The wavering in the market structure is clearly noticeable. The much more flexible start-ups are putting the established corporations and mid-sized companies with classic business models under pressure.
However, the expected disruption should not be understood as an endangered upheaval that puts you in a tight spot but as an opportunity. With an intelligent digitization strategy, new opportunities are to be exploited in times of rising and digital revolution. The Ardour IT Consulting team helps you to design and implement exactly this digital transformation successfully and sustainably. Explore with us the dynamics of change as a lever.

Long live the CIO!

Hardly any function in an organization has been for years discussed so actively and controversially and is so often the subject of scientific research than that of the CIO. If the contributions of CIOs, scientists and management consultants were to be reflected upon then one would find everything there: from swan song to Renaissance.

Relook at IT business consulting

Are you looking for an IT consultancy that is independent of third parties, whose methods of consulting are objective and without prejudice, is socially and professionally competent as well as honors confidentiality? You have come to the right place. Present our IT management consultants with the challenges that are currently on your agenda and gain conviction for yourself about our operational excellence, the visionary eye for individual strategies, our systematic and methodical approach to the problem solving, as well as the pragmatic business thinking, If the situation so requires. With our support, your company steps into the era of global digitization, Big Data and change management. We are always looking for and traversing new ways to add value to our customers. We use design thinking or innovation management approaches to give your IT the clout and agility it needs to position and establish itself as an esteemed “business partner” within your own company.


We live IT

Our thinking on IT is new and progressive. Team and innovation spirit is anchored in our DNA. We are a bunch of experienced seniors and young guns. We are structured lateral thinkers, creative doer’s and empathic characters. The digital world is our passion, business informatics as a bridging discipline our hobby. We don’t just go about doing our job rather we do it with the consciousness of our values and commitment: ownership, enthusiasm, integrity and loyalty.


What sets us apart

Down to Earth: We communicate and act at C-level and just as well at the operational levels.
Business thinking: We always derive IT and sourcing strategies from the business without forgetting the IT drivers.
Scientific: We use empirical findings and carry out our own studies.


Advising for your success

At Ardour Consulting, you can expect dedication, inspiration, discussions as well as concrete, methodologically sound and pragmatic approaches to management and technology consulting. We develop our individual concepts on a personal basis. We say what we mean and mean what we say. This is what our business partners say about us:

“Ardour led us persuasively and professionally, …”